Everything you need to know about Instameets

Here in Queensland we love a good Instameet but we’re aware that some of our friends are a bit like, “what the heck is an Instameet?”

In a nutshell, an Instameet is where people gather in a pre-determined place, at a set time, to take photos then upload them to Instagram. That’s it really.

Plus, you get to meet your favourite Instagrammers that you’ve been Insta-stalking forever and they are all super nice! I promise.

Here’s more of a lowdown on what happens at an Instameet.

The invite

The Instagrammer who is hosting the Instameet will send out an invitation on their Instagram account. The photo will have all the details of the event over the top of the image, letting you know when and where to meet for the Instameet.

Instagrammers assemble

When you turn up to the Instameet, be on the look-out for a group of people standing around looking at their smartphones and carrying photography gear. These are your peeps.

Meet and greet and what’s your handle?

While you wait a few minutes to make sure the whole group has arrived, meet and talk trash with your fellow Instagrammers. This is the time to get any tips about apps, photography and anything else Instagram related.

INSTAMEET TIP: Introduce yourself by letting people know what your Instagram handle is (no one will know your actual name but may recognise your username).

What’s the deal?

Your Instagrammer host will let the group know the plans for the next hour or so.

Instameets can work a few ways:

1. You all disperse to set up your position to catch the sunset, sunrise, or whatever is at the location worth photographing.

2. Or you do a photo walk from point A to point B and take photos along the way.

Your host will let you know what the deal is and what hashtags to use.

INSTAMEET TIP: Take a look at the Instameet hashtag so you can follow all the new Instagrammers you meet at the Instameet.

Run away and take photos.

Do what you do best.

If you need some Instagram photography tips, here are some we prepared earlier: 7 ways to take better photos with your iPhone & 5 quick tips for capturing scenic travel photos.

Someone does something awesome, everyone captures it.

I’m not 100% across the science of this, but at most Instameets this phenomenon occurs. Whether it’s Mother Nature turning on a sunset with perfectly coloured clouds or if someone starts climbing a rock or jumping randomly, everyone at the Instameet stops and captures this awesome moment.

INSTAMEET TIP: If you’re that person who likes to entertain, think about bringing props or doing something awesome to get noticed on the Instagram feed. Like this:

Regroup and post photos to Instagram

The regroup after the Instameet tends to be a bit anti-social with everyone on their phones uploading photos to Instagram. Don’t fear the silence, once everyone gets a photo up they return to their chatty selves and often wander to the nearest bar or coffee shop.

INSTAMEET TIP: Get a good-looking post up on Instagram using the right hashtag ASAP! The host may be looking to feature a photo from the Instameet within a few hours.

INSTAMEET TIP: Then you can spend time editing your other photos before posting if you want. Here are some of our favourite editing apps.

And that’s pretty much it.

More Instameet myths worth busting:

Want to go along and see what really happens at an Instameet?

The @queensland Instagram community hosts Instameets all across the state from time to time.

Do you have a question about what happens at Instameets? Ask me in the comments.